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How To Bond Someone Out After A DUI Arrest

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When someone is arrested for a Daytona Beach DUI case they have 2 or 3 options on how to get out of jail. The first option is to just wait until first appearance and try to get the judge to release you. In the short term this will save around $100 to a bondsman or prevent you from tying up money with a cash bond. The reality is getting released to pre-trial services is the worst option for you. You will basically be placed on probation with mandatory appointments and drug tests. If you don't show up or fail a drug test you can be arrested and given a much higher bond and in some cases no bond. You will also have to drive to appointments and make excuses to get out of work. Pre-trial release is the worst option.

You can post bail with a bail bondsman. The disadvantage of using a bondsman is that the premium will not be returned. The good thing is that the premium is usually small. The greater of 10% or $100. You also get a trained professional to deal with the jail. In more serious cases the bondsman becomes a necessity because the money paid to a cash bond is held until the close of the case. The last thing you want to do is give all your cash to the government to hold until the case is closed right before you fight for your freedom.

The third option is posting a cash bond. The benefit of a cash bond is almost 100% of your money is returned if you win or applied towards court cost if the case is resolved with a plea or you are found guilty. The downside of posting a cash bond in a DUI case is that your car will usually be towed from the scene. To get a driver’s license you will probably have to pay just over $270 for the DUI class. If you do the waiver you will have to pay DMV $225. To get the best result in your case you will need a DUI attorney. Your car insurance rates could increase. You might have to do counseling to get a hardship license. Basically you will have a lot of expenses before the case is closed. It might not be a good idea to let the government hold $500 or $1000 of your money until the case is closed.

A few issues with bonding someone out in DUI cases. If someone is arrested they have to be held until they have a BAC under .05, their normal faculties are no longer impaired or they must be held for 8 hours. The jail typically does the 8 hour hold because it doesn't require additional testing. Keep this in mind when a bond is posted the jail will likely have an 8 hour hold on the defendant. Always remember you only have 10 days after a DUI arrest to contact an attorney to find out how to avoid the automatic driver's license suspension.

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